What we do

“We live on a farm consisting of wild forest, agricultural land and a community of people focused on living closer to their natural source. We are reeducating ourselves to live a regenerative life. Everyday we learn something new out of our process of experimentation to make everything more simple.”

In this process, we have several areas of teaching & learning on the job, in which our affiliates can participate.

Forestry, Food Gardening and Animal Care

We are located on a 45 hectare land with all five zones of a Permaculture Farm. We have food gardens to be nurtured, wild and productive forests to be managed under the permaculture guidelines and several well-loved farm animals to be cared for.

Community Living

We are a permanent group of at least 10 people working and helping with Association activities. Cooking, cleaning and general community living are central experiences for those who want to come for a longer period of time (one month stay or longer). Everyone who participates in the Association has the amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world, enjoy the natural landscape of the farm/forest and explore the world-class coast and beaches of Southwest Portugal.

Courses and Retreats

We hold several courses and retreats, organized by ourselves or in partnership. Affiliates can help out in the organization and management of these events or they can propose to create new offerings for the association.

Natural Building and Off-Grid General Maintenance

We are totally off-grid, in terms of water and electricity. This means we are independent of any company supplying these basic commodities. All our constructions are natural buildings or involve the usage of ecological and sustainable materials. Affiliates can come to join in rehabilitation, construction or maintenance events, either in the form of formal courses or just in the course of the Association’s daily activity.

Case Studies


“Alma com Alma means to me love for Nature and people. I arrived as a volunteer and so I only expected to find new skills and knowledge. What I didn’t know is that I was going to find this incredible energy created by the land itself, the magical forest and a caring and loving community. Every day is a teaching, everyday you work on yourself, living a slower life isolated from the city, following the rhythm of the Nature to live in sync with all the souls that share the space with you, people, animals and plants. You learn that we don’t really need much to live and an off-grid life means you become responsible for what you use and you don’t take everything for granted. You learn gratitude and sharing. I believe I found a place that will be always in my heart and where I feel home, I feel peace. It’s a place that never stops, as I do…constantly evolving and improving. It’s a place that gives you much experience, knowledge, growth, space. LOVE.

– Iris B. (Italy)

“If I had to choose one word to describe Alma com Alma as a whole, I would say, GRATITUDE.
I have first arrived as a guest but immediately felt home.
I was greeted and embraced with love by a diversified and beautiful group of people. This first contact was unique and heartfelt.

After this first experience, I have returned several times and I continue doing so as a volunteer and attending the courses and workshops, in this magical land immersed in Nature.

In this incredible place we learn and share so much. 

Nowadays as soon as I arrive, I feel home with my brother’s of heart, surrounded by a large family of amazing conscious and nature loving people. People who really care for our Mother Earth and understand the importance of taking care of her. People that know how every action is bound to another and how the synergy between us humans and nature is so essential for the healthy balance of life.

– Johan (Portugal)

It’s hard to describe my time at Alma in words, since the feelings I have are more profound than words can capture:). I spend 5 months at Alma com Alma and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The land is magical, when I first arrived I felt that a special kind of warmth and presentment was breathing around the place. Mario and Joana put their hearts out for the land, the animals and people. And the community feeling, the inspiring people I met and had fun and worked with are out of the ordinary and I miss it still!  

Of course, some days can be though, work can be hard and even sometimes repetitive (besides all the other cool things to do), but I also learned a lot from these moments since whatever you do, you’re always contributing to something important even if you don’t see it instantly. 

Alma com Alma is a special place. I really believe that what you put in this place (love, energy, effort, ideas), you’ll get it back multiplied. 

– Kim (The Netherlands)

I’ve lived together with about 10 other beautiful souls of volunteers the host family and a bunch of cute animals. Together we created an amazing atmosphere to learn, share, work and have fun together. The work is good organised, so you always know what needs to be done and don’t waste precious time.

The nature around invites to spend the whole day outside and enjoy the forest and beaches with lots of hikes.

Aaand the food cooked by the volunteer team was every day mind blowingly delicious

It was a big opportunity for me to find rest, get to know new people and get in exchange with nature and people. I’ve gained so much out of this experience and hope that I find a way to come back in the next years.

– Maja (Germany)

Soul with Soull’ is truly what it is…a place that nourishes the Soul with the nutrients of connection, knowledge, and Mother Nature. I came to Alma for a month and ended up staying twice as long! I was woven into the fabric of life here. As a valued team member, friend, and even family member during Christmas, I found a home. The soul family is still very near and dear to my heart.

The work was hard, yet rewarding. I learned so many new things about being a mindful steward of land and animals. Joana, Mario, and their daughters are passionate, caring, and have a wealth of knowledge. Of course, we’re all human so when interpersonal or work issues arose, problem-solving skills became another area of learning. Their care for Mother Nature and each other is an art of living. 

I plan to come back as a student and volunteer. There is magic in the moonshine that lights up the path of Alma com Alma.  

– Elizabeth G. (USA)

“Alma com Alma is my home away from home, where I had the opportunity to live together with beautiful people and loving animals in a land full of wonder. The place is made to enrich one’s life from day 1 and is the perfect place to be immersed in Nature and heal the mind, body and spirit. Joana and Mario, the stewards of the land have the ability to make you feel lucky in having them around, because of their innovative ideas and willing to share with whoever needs a boost in creativity. Alma com Alma is love, hugs, knowledge and joy all year round.”

– Gianina (Romania)

“My experience in Alma com Alma definitely opened doors for new perspectives on how I can live my life. I learnt a lot about organising life in a community-like setting, permaculture in Mediterranean climate and some DIY work. Time seems to have a different flow in this place. I felt like there is a lot of space to develop your interests and skills outside of work, go to the beach, be with other people, make music, meditate or explore the outskirts of the land and beyond. Highly recommendable if you’re searching a true and challenging experience.”

– Tom (The Netherlands)

What should I say… It was my first Workaway experience and I think I could not have had a better start. I was warmly welcomed by Joana, Mario and the whole team from the first day on. The peace of this place helped me to calm down my inner conflicts and is a big contributor to heal myself from past, toxic events.

My tasks where very diverse ranging from brush cutting little trees, watering, building a shadow place for the plants, moving things around, up to fixing electrical issues, installing new solar panels and upgrading the backbone electric installation of the solar system. I am happy that I was able to contribute and help with my experience and knowledge to improve and build up this amazing place. Mario and Joana are fully committed to this project with their heart, soul and energy. I learned a lot from Javier about different plants in their food gardens and was amazed about his passion for plants and permaculture…

With the team it was great fun to have our one little raves at the cliffs nearby the beach, to have a bath in the waves of the ocean, to watch the sunset or to surf the waves of Praia da Arrifana. We often went to Aljezur to eat Pizza and enjoy a few beers. There is a lot of things going on in that region and the people are very relaxed.

– Jan (Switzerland)

“I volunteered in Alma com Alma and also did a permaculture course here. I enjoyed so much all the moments I spent in this place, really inspired by the people who live there and by all Nature that surrounds the space. I learned a lot and I made beautiful connections with people. For me it’s an amazing project that I am grateful to be part of “

– Diana C. (Portugal)

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