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Alma com Alma (in English, Soul with Soul), invites the encounter of souls that come from different realms but that share the same values, Souls that want to contribute in different ways to the common good of this Association. 

This diversity also translates into different roles and ways of participating in this Association.

You can join the Alma com Alma, by becoming an Affiliate and then actively participate as a Volunteer, a Student, a Trainee, a Donor or a mix of these. 

Affiliate is a legal form to establish the formal relationship between the association and its associates. As an affiliate, it is mandatory to become a volunteer, a student or a trainee.

Volunteers are associates that want to play an active role in helping out with the daily activities of the Association, either momentarily or during a more extended period of time (1+ months).

Students take part in a course, like the Permaculture Design Course, Natural Building or other workshops. 

Trainees are students that come through universities, Erasmus or other schools. They are integrated in a specific learning program with particular academic goals. 

Donors are givers that want to help the Association reach its objectives. Help can come in many forms, not only money. Donations can be very creative: donate seeds and trees to enhance our biodiversity, material and equipment, books or even land to be cared for.

Money is also welcomed and can be used in any of our activities or research. It can also be specifically allocated to pay for a scholarship of a student economically struggling at a certain moment. 

Become an Affiliate

We are working on a more automatic process of affiliation.

Until then, please send us an email with your name, contact and motivation to

We will get back to you with more information and next steps on how to join us!

Affiliation fees in 2023: 

  • Subscription fee (one time): 20 eur
  • Yearly fee, starting on the first year: 10 eur
  • Total first payment: 30 eur

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