Who We Are

We are a group of souls dedicated to the international regenerative movement. We believe in permanent improvement of the natural environment and human cooperation.

Alma com Alma is an Association of people that heed the call to live a life that gives more than it takes. Our community gathers to live a more balanced life, eventually off-grid, in close contact with Nature – for Nature and from Nature. Alma com Alma is anchored to Quinta Alma Ecological Retreat Farm in Aljezur.

Based on a 45 hectare land, Alma com Alma is a laboratory of Agroecology and Human Rooting. We investigate, experiment and build knowledge that eventually inspires and reeducates our affiliates to pursue a regenerative life for a thriving Nature.


We have a vision of a Planet that holds a balanced coexistence between all beings. An existence in which humans are living in harmony with the natural elements and connected to their natural source of happiness. A connection that is based on love, understanding, abundance and simplicity.


We understand that the relationship between Humans and Nature is profoundly unbalanced. But we also see that there are ways out and through. 

With this insight, our mission is to develop and share knowledge that will inspire and enable individuals and communities to live a regenerative, prosperous and meaningful life – a life that will bring back the individual and collective balance. 

We believe this route is based on the understanding of wholeness within collective-individual and spiritual-material relations. Within these realms, personal self-consciousness, ancestral knowledge and community agro-ecological practices are well integrated.

We want to achieve our objectives by holding a space that is in permanent flux, integrating diversity of all backgrounds and generating the reality we want to live in – a place that holds a good example and inspires people.


Inspired by our Permaculture practice, our core values resonate as:

  • We care for the Planet
  • We care for the People
  • We want to share knowledge

If you are interested to know more, we invite you to contact us.

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